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Anodas Facial Treatment
Facial Treatment (60 minutes) 1,850.- Baht/Net
  • Balance Facial Treatment: Balancing organic facial for combination to oily skin with an exotic synergy of White orchid extract and jasmine essential oil to purify and decongest oily skin.
  • Comfort Facial Treatment: Quenching organic facial for normal to dry skin with an intriguing blend of green tea and bamboo shoot extract to heal dull & congested complexion and hydrate thirsty skin.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment: Regenerative organic facial for sensitive and aging skin with a stimulating blend of Pandan leaf and Pink Lotus extract to alleviate fines lines wrinkles and assist cell renewal & oxygenation.
Facial Treatment for Men (60 minutes) 1,850.- Baht/Net

Enjoy a deep exfoliation to remove impurities and help lift ingrown hairs, followed by a quenching facial mask to re-hydrate the epidermis. This advanced treatment incorporates a vital energy point massage through the application of a cranial herbal poultice over the back, neck shoulders and head, which ease away stress and tensions. Finally, restore health and vitality to the face with a floral elixir and a hydrating gel, which enhances muscle tone and leaves the skin fresh and supple.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage
Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes) 1,750.- Baht/Net

Experience the healing effects of Asian aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative massage that combines the sense of tropical smells with the soothing value of acupressure massage. Individually chosen to suit your personal requirements, the essential oils will rebalance your vital energies restoring harmony and calm to your body and mind.

Thai Herbal Heat Compress (90 minutes) 2,200.- Baht/Net

Drift away tensions while enjoying this unforgettable traditional hot Thai Herbal massage, unchanged since Thailand Ayutthaya period (14th-18th centuries). When a hot pack was administered to war-soldiers returning home with muscle and bruises. The balancing poultice opens the pores and brings a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release tensions and revitalize your mind. Then an invigorating massage with a synergy of peppermint and mandarin essential oils will take your body on a journey of total renewal.

Back and Shoulders Massage (30 minutes) 950.- Baht/Net

Restore glory back to your crown! . This massage concentrates on the back, neck, and shoulders areas to get rid of nervous tension and relieve tired muscles With Traditional Thai technique combination to oil massage.

Traditional Thai Massage
Royal Nora Thai Massage (60 minutes) 1,100.- Baht/Net

Experience an exotic and unique traditional Thai Massage. Try an ancient art to relieve pain and stress accumulated in sore muscles. Focus is applied on pressure point, muscles, joints and ligaments to provide you with a wonderful healing experience.

Prasuthon Foot Massage (45 minutes) 950.- Baht/Net

Balancing your body naturally, the feet will be stimulated on the reflex zones. This specialized foot massage assists in the relief of stress and tension, helps to improve circulation and fosters a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.

Anodas Special Packages
Anodas Sun Soother (120 minutes) 2,600.- Baht/Net

Pamper your Face and Body with Anodas Sun Soother..This treatment is renewal for hydrating skin, make your skin cool down, reduce pain feeling and skin temperature from Sunburn. Make your skin feel fresh and soothe.. Suitable for Sunburn skin.

Complete Detox (120 minutes) 3,000.- Baht/Net

Let your senses experience this wonderful tropical treat. The synergy of cajeput and orange removes impurities and dead cells to prepare your skin for a body wrap containing 100% natural papaya and Aloe Vera extracts that will eliminate toxic wastes and decongest your body by activating perspiration. Then let your mind distress with a purifying aromatherapy massage.

This treatment is ideally suited to refine your skin and boost metabolism, leaving your body deeply cleansed and your mind with a renewed vitality.

Rejuvenating Body Delight (120 minutes) 3,000.- Baht/Net

Give your body a new skin. This treatment starts with a moisturizing body scrub to remove dead skin cells and gently prepare your skin for a replenishing body wrap. The natural extracts of pineapple and tamarind are acting in synergy to rebalance your skin moisture and restore your vital energies. A relaxing massage using lemongrass essential oil is then applied on pressure points, muscles, joints and ligaments to provide you with a wonderful healing experience.

This treatment is ideally suited to gently ease away tensions and stimulate your body by promoting relaxation and rejuvenating the senses.

Sunset Tropical Wrap (60 minutes) 2,000.- Baht/Net

Feel the heat seep out of your body with a quenching wrap of freshly mashed pandan leaves & cucumber and lavender essential oil to cool, heal and regenerate. A Thai bergamot and mint gel complements the treatment to soothe and refresh your skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Anodas Body Treatment
Body Scrub (60 minutes) 1,750.- Baht/Net

A treatment specifically designed to deep cleanse and purify the body with a total skin exfoliation using natural fruit acid, which removes dead skin cells and whitens complexion. The treatment incorporates a replenishing body lotion to hydrate and leave the skin soft and supple.

Choose from choice of body scrub: Coconut body scrub, Safflower Body Scrub, Jasmine Rice Body Scrub, Honey and Sesame Body Scrub, Sea Salt and Yoghurt Body Scrub.

Body Wrap (60 minutes) 1,750.- Baht/Net

A treatment specifically designed to moisture your body with the riches natural Thai product, take away the dead cells layer and enchances cell renewal of good quality, make your skin stay younger and longer.

Choose from choice of Body wrap: Green Tea Body Wrap, Coffee Body Mud Wrap, Fresh Papaya and Aloe vera Wrap, White Tea Body Mud Wrap, Amber Body Wrap, Pineapple and Tamarind Wrap.

Hand and Foot Treatment
Silky Smooth Hand Treatment (60 minutes) 1,500.- Baht/Net

Pamper your hands with the same botanical healers Thai women are using to beautify their hands before ceremonies. This treatment starts with a gentle papaya and tamarind exfoliation to prepare your hands for a rejuvenating wrap that will nourishes the cuticles & nails, refine the texture of the hands and diminish dark spots. A relaxing massage is then applied to your hands and forearms to release all the tensions. This luxurious treatment will leave your hands softened, smoothed and moisturized.

Foot Beauty Rituals Treatment (60 minutes) 1,500.- Baht/Net

Experience heavenly foot rituals that will embark you to new relaxation era. This treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation to prepare your feet for a purifying wrap that will relieve stiffness and heaviness. An invigorating foot massage with peppermint essential oils completes the treatment to envelop you feet with a feeling of exquisite lightness and freshness.

Anodas Flower Bath Packages
Serenity Bath (90 minutes) 2,200.- Baht/Net

Soak in a serenity herbal bath to release tensions before enjoying a relaxing massage with Natural organic oil for a total stress release experience.

Romance Bath (90 minutes) 3,900.- Baht/Net
(for two persons)

Relieve tensions and stress with a soothing massage before plunging into a heavenly scented bath, with essential oil and milk to soften your skin and floating flowers to uplift your spirits.

Anodas Signature Spa Packages
NAAKAA - Package for men (2 hour 30 minutes) 3,500.- Baht/Net
  • Facial Treatment for Men
  • Thai Herbal Heat Compress
HERAA (2 hours) 2,300.- Baht/Net
  • Hand or Foot Treatment
  • Royal Nora Thai Massage
MEK KHALA (2 hours) 3,200.- Baht/Net
  • Aromatherapy Oil Massage
  • Facial Treatment (choose from your skin type)
    - Balance Facial for combination to oily skin
    - Comfort Facial for dry skin
    - Anti-Wrinkle Facial for sensitive and ageing skin
PITSAMAI (2 hour 45 minutes) 3,900.- Baht/Net
  • Thai Herbal Steam and Serenity Bath
  • Aromatherapy oil Massage
  • Facial Treatment (choose from your skin type)
    - Balance Facial for combination to oily skin
    - Comfort Facial for dry skin
    - Anti-Wrinkle Facial for sensitive and ageing skin
CHUY CHAY (3 hours) 4,200.- Baht/Net
  • Thai Herbal Steam
  • Body Wrap ( Choose from choice of body wrap )
  • Aromatherapy oil Massage
  • Facial Treatment (choose from your skin type)
    - Balance Facial for combination to oily skin
    - Comfort Facial for dry skin
    - Anti-Wrinkle Facial for sensitive and ageing skin
KINNAREE (3 hour 30 minutes) 4,900.- Baht/Net
  • Thai Herbal Steam
  • Serenity Bath
  • Body Scrub ( Choose from choice of body scrub )
  • Aromatherapy Oil Massage
  • Facial Treatment (choose from your skin type)
    - Balance Facial for combination to oily skin
    - Comfort Facial for dry skin
    - Anti-Wrinkle Facial for sensitive and ageing skin

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